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Metric Series Standard Open Ball Bearings

Dynaroll Standard 1
681h DDL-310
691h -
SMR41X DDR-412
681Xh DDL-415
691Xh DDR-515
682h DDL-520
SMR52 DDL-520W02
692h DDR-620
SMR62 DDR-620W52
SMR72 DDR-720Y52
602h DDR-720
682Xh DDL-625
692Xh DDR-725
602Xh DDR-825
SMR63 DDL-630
683h DDL-730
693h DDR-830
SMR93 DDR-930Y52
603h DDR-930
623h DDR-1030
SMR74 DDL-740
SMR84 DDL-840
684h DDL-940
SMR104 DDL-1040
694h DDR-1140
604h DDR-1240
624h DDR-1340
SMR85 DDL-850
SMR95 DDL-950
SMR105 DDL-1050
685h DDL-1150
695h DDR-1350
605h DDR-1450
SMR106 DDL-1060
SMR126 DDL-1260
686h DDL-1360
696h DDR-1560
SMR117 DDL-1170
SMR137 DDL-1370
687h DDL-1470
SMR128 DDL-1280
SMR148 DDL-1480
688h DDL-1680
689h DDL-1790

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