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Inch Series Standard Open

Dynaroll Standard 1 Standard 2 Standard 3 Standard 4
SR09 DDRI-2 S2C UL1304X SR0308
SR0 DDRI-21/2 S21/2C UL1505X SR0310
SR1 DDRI-3 S3C R1706X SR0412
SR1-4 DDRI-4 S4C R2508X SR0516
SR133 DDRI-3332 S3332C UL3006X SR0612
SR1-5 DDRI-5 S5C R3010X SR0620
SR144 DDRI-418 S418C UL4008X SR0816
SR2-5 DDRI-518 S518C R4010X SR0820
SR2-6 DDRI-618 S618C - SR0824
SR2 DDR-2 SR2C R4012X SR2
SR155 DDRI-5532 SR5532C UL5010X SR1020
SR156 DDRI-5632 SR5632C UL6010X SR1220
SR166 DDRI-6632 S6316C UL6012X SR1224
SR3 DDR-3 SR3C R6016X SR3
SR168 DDRI-614 S614C UL8012X SR1624
SR188 DDRI-814 S814C UL8016X SR1632
SR4 DDR-4 SR4C R8020X SR4
SR1810 DDRI-8516 S8516C UL10016X SR2032

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